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Window Blinds for your House

When I bought my new house in a new subdivision in our city I was not happy because it was not fully furnish. I have to decide what tiles I will be using in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I am not an interior designer so I have a hard time deciding. The good thing about buying a raw house or not fully furnish house is that you have a choice what it will look like. Good thing is that my friend arrived from United States and he helped me decide what color and kind of tiles we will be using to put in the bathroom and kitchen. Another problem is how to avoid sunlight in the afternoon because the house is facing north so the other side of the house is against the sun light. He recommends using window blinds to cancel the sun light in the afternoon. He told me that using it I will have an option to remove it if I want to peep outside if I want too. This portion of the house is facing the road too.

Right now the renovation or completion of the interior is almost finish and I am glad that at last it will look fine and ready to be occupied. I learned many techniques to save more money when it comes to interior finishing and choosing the right color combination.

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