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Al Fakher Tobacco

I am fascinated by Shisha because it is very popular in Middle East and little did I know that it is popular too in Europe. Most of this product is from Middle East but right now they are available in U.K. and you can order them online at a very cheap price. Al Fakher is a very famous brand when it comes to tobacco which is used in shisha. They are available in different quantities and flavor.

Right now they have orange flavor and mango and imported from Cairo. If you are looking for Hookah and want it right now then you better order them online too. Hookah parts like Hookah pipe are made from Brass imported from Syria so you can be sure that they are made with good quality.
All of the products that I mentioned are cheaper than their actual price in the market if you order them online. Shisha smoking is very popular and even if I am not smoking, I tried it once and I like the smell of each flavor like orange, mango and strawberry. Buy them now online, it is easy using your credit card.

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