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Junk food diet is not good for the brain

We know that eating junk foods is not good for our health. Many children became obese because of eating junk foods which are full of preservatives and of course they are processed foods too. Eating junk foods because we are in a hurry is no excuse especially for the children. Young people or the children are in the stage of development so giving them the wrong foods will not help them develop their brain well. This leads to lower IQ as what studies had found out lately. 

Junk foods are full of fats, sugar and even salt which is not good for children. Eating the right foods is the best option if you want a healthy young adults in the future. If you want them to be bright or intelligent then give them nutritional foods like vegetables and fruit with little or enough meat for bones development. 

Avoid junk foods as much as possible if you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables plus pasta. This way you can be sure of healthy being. 

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