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Stay Healthy by eating the right foods, exercise and be happy

To stay healthy you should follow these three basic rules like eating the right foods, exercise and be happy.

Eating the right food means you eat foods full of vitamins and minerals and eat them moderately. There are foods and drinks that you should avoid like foods full of cholesterol example meat like beefs, pork and even poultry. You can eat them though but at very minimal. Eating them once a week is okay but eating them once a month is much better. Stick your diet more on vegetables and fruits because they will give you vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. You can drink alcohol in moderate way because health expert found out that our body needs alcohol too. It is good for the heart if drink moderately.

Exercise is very important to our body because it will burn calories that will make us fat and perhaps obese. There are many ways to exercise like doing chore in your home, playing ball games, and hiking, going to the gym and even biking. Speaking of biking this is my favorite exercise to do because I can go anywhere and can see beautiful panoramic views. There are many type of bikes out there for you and your family members. I have my mountain bike when I was in college and until now it is still working. Bikes like beach cruiser bikes are now popular today and they are in fact cheaper and affordable. If you want to exercise naturally it is better to buy a bike.

Another thing to remember is to be happy even in the time of loneliness. Be contented of what you have because this is the only way to age gracefully. 

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Buy Vega said...

Stay active to avoid illnesses while taking enough food.

Conference Call Services said...

I think the challenge for people is finding ways to keep themselves active and motivated about exercise. One can take some steps towards eating better but ultimately you will eat what is convenient. Usually there is at least one person in each family that sabotages the food dieting efforts of others. I think the better outcome is to give yourself rewards that are beyond food to help with those times when one is feeling down or has accomplished a goal. Something simple like getting some new songs, trying out something new like martial arts or a new hobby can be very helpful. I think variety is the key to longer term health and fitness. Anyway, that is what seems to work best for me.

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