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Health Benefits of Tomato or Tomatoes

Health benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes or tomato which we add in salad, stew and other delicious meals is also good for our heart. Tomato has health benefits that can fight certain cancer and heart diseases. When using tomato paste or tomato juice which is in can is more beneficial to our health because of Lycopene which is only available when tomato is highly process through heat. Drinking tomato juice is also good for the skin. You can see that your skin will be glowing. 

To benefit from tomatoes you can just add it in every recipe that you will be cooking. 

Tomatoes help cases of gout, rheumatism, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, prostate problem and sinus trouble. It has been indicated for cases of congestion of the liver as well as for dissolving gallstone. The nicotinic acid of tomatoes helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, while the vitamin K in tomatoes helps to prevent hemorrhage. Health benefits of tomatoes are enormous. 

Prostaglandin A is the antihypertensive factor in the onions. Onions helps proteins from massing to form harmful clots. Onions also is useful in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics and clean out the arteries of "bad cholesterol" that could choke off the flow of blood through the heart. It also helps raise the "good cholesterol”.

This salad is also for beauty as tomatoes also has been reported to help in the removal of pimples in the skin. You see there are many health benefits of tomatoes so include it now in your every meals be it salad or stew.

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