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Pag-ibig Fund Housing Loan Guidelines

Pag-ibig Fund will allow you to loan for two main types of housing loan whether it is a subdivision housing property (Condo Unit or Duplex) or you have a lot with complete papers and you want to build your own dream house. By the way you can also loan for house repair. Housing Loan from Pag-ibig Fund is tedious if you will not attend their seminar so I would advice you to attend their seminar to enlighten your mind about it and at the same time you can ask as many questions as you want about the loan. I am sure after the seminar you will not ask any question because they will explain everything about housing loan.

Most of us would like to avail of this loan because it is very hard to spend big money at one time to buy a house. Banks are also willing to lend their money for housing loan but the interest rate which they ask is not minimal so Pag-ibig Fund still the best option. Home development Mutual Fund (HDMF) is the other name of Pag-ibig Fund.

Here is the table and Pag-ibig Fund Housing Loan Guidelines:

The loan will depend on your capability to pay your monthly amortization. Here is a table that will guide you on how much loanable value you can loan base on your contribution.
Pag-ibig Fund Table of monthly Contribution
Let say your monthly contribution is P400.00, you can loan P800,000 but not over P900,000. You cannot loan more than 40% of your monthly salary. It means that they will also look for your ability to pay for monthly amortization.

The maximum loan duration is 30 years and you must not more than 65 years and your age during maturity of the loan must be 70 years. It means that even if you are 65 years old you can still avail of the loan but for 5 years maturity option since you will be 70 years old after 5 years.

Basic Requirements for the Pag-ibig Housing Loan: employment certificate, two years Pag-ibig fund Contribution, Registration payment (just bring P5000.00), 1x1 pictures, checking account, electric bill (address verification).

Additional for House repair loan or building your own dream house: Lot tittle, map location (sketch), your lot must be accessible by electricity, water and drainage provision and road right of way. This is the basic explanation of Pag-ibig fund Housing Loan Guidelines for you if you are interested to own a house by availing Pag-ibig Fund.

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