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Tilapia Fish


Tilapia is a fish that is abundant in Asia and Africa Continents and this fish is easy to care and it multiplies faster than other fish. I have a fish pond in our farm and I raise tilapia because they multiply faster and within a couple of months you can harvest them and sell or cook for food. Tilapia fish is also good for diet and in fact some nutritionist said that if you want to have a healthy body then eat tilapia fish.

Tilapia which is herbivorous grows faster and they have a low level of mercury, calorie, fat and carbohydrate which is maybe the reason why it is recommended for diet. There are many uses of tilapia just like foods and in controlling other fish population which is hard to explain. Tilapia recipes are also available if you want to eat. The fish is very tasty and succulent.

If you want to have tilapia then you can have a tank. You can raise tilapia in the tank or pond. Tilapia tank is now very popular for tilapia to raise. Farm raised tilapia is not as good as the natural raised tilapia which are not feed with corn because this farm raised tilapia are fat and in fact very high in calorie.

The scientific name of tilapia is Oreochromis niloticus niloticus. Tilapia is one of the healthy foods that many nutritionist recommend if you want to loss weight gradually because it has  low in calorie.

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