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Electronic Cigarette

I don’t like smoking because of the smell. Smoking can leave smell to your clothes even if you are not smoking but with people who smoke a lot. Thank God it is now prohibited in public place like inside the train and other close places. Right now there is a solution for people who love to smoke.  Smoking will never be the same with e-cigarette. This is a new technology that I believe is a breakthrough in smoking cigarette. Would you not be happy if non-smoker will appreciate and talk to you will you are smoking? Vapor cigarette is a smokeless cigarette that everyone will appreciate because people who do not like smoking will not be bothered with cigarette smell. Electronic smoking is now used by many and even the non users who tried it for the first time decided to convert themselves by using this smokeless cigarette. Vapor cigarettes are now available and you can even a dealer if you want to earn more while smoking.

Some celebrities who use this smokeless electronic cigarette is no other than Charlie Sheen. Because of this report the sale of electronic cigarette increased tremendously. I am not saying that you buy this electronic cigarette because some actors use it but really many smokers are now switching to electronic cigarette. Charlie Sheen uses E cigs now. 

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