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Zoloft Side Effect

Drugs can be useful to human but it can also destroy to human too. Many drugs were formulated to help ease pain and disease and in fact drugs have help millions of people around the world. Take the case of malaria which is caused by mosquito bites, this disease killed many people before the antidote drug was discovered. Taking drugs should be administered by doctors if you want to take it. There are many drugs which you think is safe but has a severe side effect to your body if taken too much. If you are a woman who is pregnant then you must be cautious because it might result to birth defect of the baby.

Take the case of Zoloft, this drug was in fact approved by BFAD but later on was discovered to cause birth defect or other side effect like behavioral problem. Suicidal behavior, violent behavior was observed. There are many other side effects of the drugs that caused many users to complain. If you are one of the users that experienced one of those side effect then call a law firm today that deals with zoloft lawsuit. Seek a legal counsel today and ask what they can do to your case. Remember there are many victims out there that are also seeking legal advice. 

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