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Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods will make you feel better. There are many foods that we think are nutritious but unfortunately they are not. Most of unhealthy foods are meat like red meat from cow and pig. There are also foods that we think are healthy because they are vegetables and natural still some of them are not healthy when eaten everyday. Avoid processed foods like sausage, ham and other similar processed foods as much as possible.
Healthy Foods

How do we know that the foods that we are eating are good for our health? First do not eat foods on the table since you saw them when you are young and that what always your parent serve everyday. Sometimes our parent do not know so much about health and proper diet especially if they are not as educated as you are. Many would say that eating the right food is expensive. I beg to disagree because most healthy foods are in fact cheaper than the foods that we are eating but not healthy to our body. Vegetables from the backyard are cheaper and free from chemicals if you grow them using natural fertilizer. Having a small poultry and a few pigs will also help you choose the right source of protein. They are free also from feeds which used chemical to grow our domestic animals faster.

Eat fresh and balance diet foods plus exercise will make you stay away from doctors. Be contented and be happy will help you grow old gracefully. Choose healthy foods everyday and enjoy eating them. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and avoid red meat. You can still enjoy beef and pork occasionally but not everyday.

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