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Banana Cake Recipe

Yesterday I was looking for banana cake recipe because I want to do it at home. I always eat banana cake since high school but I did not know how to bake it. I like banana because it is a good source of potassium which is good for our body and specially for the weary legs. Eating ripe banana is also good because it is refreshing.

In the Philippines I have tried many times bananas cooked in different ways like boiled bananas, fried bananas, cassava with bananas, chip bananas and scrambled bananas. Scrambled bananas is good if bananas is a little bit tender or young. Don't you know that you can cook bananas young stem? Yes it is good for pig blood recipe, it is also delicious with coconut milk.

I found the Banana Recipe yesterday and I am planning to bake it this weekend. I also found the right variety of the banana which is good for banana cake. Not all banana is good for banana cake by the way. if you are interested about banana cake recipe then click the link high-lighted.

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