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Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits of Lemon
Lemon like orange are available anywhere whether fresh or in juice form. It is used as lemonade to quench thirst or used to add flavor to beef, chicken or fish viands. Lemon and other organic spices plant like thyme, coriander and garlic are use in food flavor. It depends which flavor they like. Lemon like other related fruits are sour in taste. Lemon has many health benefits aside from making your viands taste or lemonade with sugar like

1.0 It contains vitamin C.
2.0 It can cure sour throat
3.0 It is good for hypertension
4.0 Good for the skin
5.0 Good for the teeth
6.0 Good for weight loss
7.0 Good for digestion
8.0 Can reduce stress
Lemon is use to flavor cake. It can also use for cleaning plates and utensils in your kitchen. It is also used for marmalade making.  Lemon leaves is made as tea to cure fevers and cramps and it can aid digestion too. It can also used as preservatives for foods. There are other health benefits of lemons aside from other commercial uses.

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