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Importance of Nursing Magazines for Nurses

My friend’s wife is now in United States of America. She was hired as a nurse. Actually she graduated ten years ago and did not practice her profession as she attended the needs of her two children who are growing and studying while my friend her husband is the one working to support their finances. Her visa was approved last year and while she was accepted she was worried about her capacity as a nurse because it’s been awhile that she went to college. She started to read and review her notes and books but it seems that they are theoretical books and somewhat outdated so went shopping to find a better book for nursing.

When she left for United States of America she brought most of her books but her problem was that she will be working as an assistant nurse if she will not pass the examination for nursing. As an assistant nurse she will receive small amount of money compared to being a nurse. She bought a book which is Nursing 2013 in internet. She chatted with her husband and told him and me that the book is very informative and a must for nurses today.  Aside from this book you can find other books too if you want additional journal for nursing.

Since there are other nurses who want to work abroad or just in their country, I believe that they need to purchase books to get ahead of their medical profession. Be competitive by updating your knowledge in nursing. Right now my friend’s is now working with good salary. 

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