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Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocado is one of my favorite fruits because it is creamy and it can be made into fruit-shake with milk. Many people do not know that avocado originates from Latin America and in fact farmed in Mexico. It is actually a native of Mexico and Central America. It is even said that Avocado the healthiest foods on Earth. There are many varieties of Avocado like evergreen and the red ones; some have pearly form while the others are in oblong form. Whatever the size, form and color is, it has the same nutrition.
Avocado has more than 25 essential nutrients compared to other foods. Vitamin A, B, C, E, & K, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are some of the nutrients that you can get. Avocados also contain fiber, protein, and several beneficial phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol, glutathione and lutein, which may protect against various disease and illness.
Health Benefits of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocados are:

1.0   Good for the heart- Avocado contains folic acid, Vitamin B which is good for heart since it regulates homocysteine levels. Higher homocysteine is associated to the risk of heart. Another Vitamin like Vitamin E, glutathione and mono-saturated fats are also present and good for the heart.
2.0   Lower Cholesterol Levels- Avocados are rich in a compound called beta-sitosterol which has been shown to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels. According to a study, patients with mild hypercholesterolemia who included avocados in their diet for 7 days had 17 percent decrease in total blood cholesterol levels, a 22 percent decrease in both LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels, and a 11 percent increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels. 
3.0   Control Blood Pressure- Potassium is known to control blood pressure, Avocado has potassium so it is beneficial for people who has high blood pressure.
4.0   Anti-inflammatory Properties- Phytonutrient compound found in avocados, such as polyphenols and flavonoids have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory and degenerative disorders. 
5.0   Good for the eyes- another compound found in Avocado is carotenoid lutein, which known to help protect against age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. 
6.0   Blood Sugar regulator- because it has soluble fiber, Avocado helps regulate our blood sugar level. The monounsaturated (good) fats in avocados can reverse insulin resistance which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
7.0   Prevent Birth Defect- Avocados are rich in folate, a B vitamin commonly known as folic acid. One cup of avocado provides about 23% of the recommended daily value of folate. The high amount of folate in avocado is essential in the prevention of birth defects, such as neural tube defect and spina bifida. 
8.0   Reduce Stroke Risk- folate may help avoid stroke which is found in Avocado.
9.0   Protect against Cancer- study shown that eating Avocado can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer and oleic Acid from Avocado is also good in preventing breast cancer.
10.0          Fight Free Radicals- Glutathione which is present in Avocado is powerful antioxidants that helps fight free radicals in the body.
11.0          Anti-aging Properties- Avocado helps you look and feel younger because of antioxidants. Glutathione is also helping to boost immune system, slow aging process and maintain a health nervous system.
12.0          Cure Bad Breath because it will clean our intestine which is the major cause of bad breath and also as a mouth wash.
13.0          Increase Nutrients absorption- Avocado intake is linked with an increased nutrient absorption. A study suggests that, when participants ate salad included avocados, they absorbed five times the amount of carotenoids (a group of nutrients that includes beta carotene and lycopene) than those who did not include avocados. 
14.0          Skin Care- The avocado oil is added in many cosmetics because of its ability to nourish the skin and make your skin glow. It also aids in treating psoriasis, a skin disease that causes skin redness and irritation. 
15.0          Weight Gain- Because it has more calories than other fruits, it can help you gain weight.

Avocado is easy to plant, if you have extra place inside your lot in front or at the back of your house then you can plant this fruit bearing tree. It may take five years or more before it will bear fruit.

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