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Malunggay Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

Malunggay tea is made from a malunggay (Moringa) herb.

This plant is native to tropical climate areas like India, Africa and the Philippines.

The herb is used as a cooking ingredient, medicine and tea by many people.

 This plant can grow up to 9 meters and it resembles a tree, by having a white trunk.

The flowers have a strong fragrance and have long pods, each containing 3 seeds.

It is used in nutrition as it has a high caloric content.

 The pods are often consumed in different dishes especially in third world countries where malnutrition is a big problem.

 Malunggay As a tea it can be used externally or internally in order to help recover from different health problems.

 Malunggay Tea Health Benefits Boiling malunggay leaves makes a strong tea that can be used externally.

By boiling the leaves strong chemicals contained by them are released in the water.

The tea contains immune boosting nutrients.

It is used externally for cleaning wounds and to induce milk production for new mothers.

 Using malunggay tea to clean cuts and wounds will help the skin heal faster.

This tea contains special chemicals that allow skin cells to bond better and to multiply faster.

 It is also a mild sedative and pain reliever.

Placing it on cuts, sores or skin ulcers will help the patient feel better and it will speed up healing. Internally malunggay tea is used for a number of reasons.

First of all it is good for people with eye problems as it contains a lot of vitamin A.

Malunggay has a higher content of vitamin A than carrots and it is traditionally used for eye problems in tropical regions.

 The digestive track also gets help from this tea. It is often used for constipation and for treating stomach ulcers.

It has a soothing effect on the stomach lining and it calms down pain due to ulcers.

 This tea is good for diabetes patients as well.

If you consume malunggay in different dishes or you drink it as a tea, it will help the body maintain a low glucose level in the blood.

 Not to forget, this tea can be also used for people that have trouble sleeping.

Drinking a cup of malunggay bark tea before going to bed will help your body relax and you will sleep better.

 Malunggay Tea Side Effects 

 Malunggay is widely used in cooking and in the human diet in general.

It is considered totally safe and there are no side effects directly related to it.

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