Profollica Won’t Turn You From a Rooster Into a Hen

profollica review

Profollica Review – What We Know

Chances are, you already know that male pattern baldness has do to with a hormone, DHT, that helps you look more like a man.  Since Profollica reduces DHT, you may be wondering what will happen when you start using it.  In fact, many men initialy avoid Profollica simply because they fear it will change their gender without the intervention of surgery.  Fortunately, many men have overcome that fear, and gone on to find they had nothing to worry about to begin with.

profollica review

In most cases, male pattern baldness is caused by an excessive production of DHT.  Even though Profollica reduces the amount of DHT in your body, it does not reduce this particular hormone to a level that falls below normal.  As a result, you won’t experience any loss in your secondary sex characteristics.  On the other hand, when the level of DHT is normal, it will not put such a burden on hair follicles.  This, in turn, will enable them to produce strands of hair again.   Even though it is normal to lose hair on a daily basis, your hair follicles will be able to keep up with that loss, and then overtake it.

There is no question that some hair growth formulas can do an enormous amount of damage to your body.  On the other hand, Profollica is made from a combination of the safest natural ingredients available.  For example, the nutritional supplement includes a number of vitamins that your body may actually be starving for.  While you may not realize it, the lack of proper nutrition may be doing as much harm to your body as it does to your ability to maintain a full head of hair.  In fact, you may be looking older than your years because your diet is not supporting your skin and muscle structure.

Even though you may have heard that Profollica reduces a male-specific hormone, you do not need to worry about it making serious changes to your gender identity. In fact, once you have nice, healthy hair again, you will feel much better about yourself.  As may be expected, this will also include your sense of masculinity.